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Where's the rest of my order?Updated 7 months ago


So you've received a package from July, but it seems like it might be missing a few things...

Don't fret! Here's everything you need to know about your order.


If it appears your order may be incomplete, we recommend checking inside the larger items to confirm whether the smaller products are nested inside.

For example, if you've ordered a Checked Plus bundle, the included Carry On will often be nested inside the Checked Plus.

To reduce the number of packages in transit, we prefer to nest smaller items inside our larger products whenever possible. 


If items seem to be missing, but tracking indicates your package has been delivered, it's also likely that your order is being delivered in multiple parts.

For example, article 1 of 2 may be delivered, whilst article 2 of 2 is currently still in transit.

Be sure to double check your tracking information to confirm whether all items have been delivered. Boxes can sometimes be separated during the transit with the courier, but they are often not too far behind.


We endeavour to ship your orders all from one place, but sometimes stock may not be available all in one location. In these instances, we may ship different items from separate facilities depending on stock availability.

If it seems that you may not have received all your tracking information, feel free to get in touch with our friendly Customer Happiness Team and they will assist further.


If your order contains personalised items, we may proceed with sending the unpersonalised items ahead while we complete the monogramming for you. Please note that personalisation can take 2-4 business days of additional processing time before shipment if items are in stock. If we are passed this time-frame, please reach out to our team here to follow up.

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